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Thanks for stopping by my page! If you've been with me from the start of Kenzie Skin, you know that I'm an esthetician and love sharing skincare information, education and community driven content through my personal lens of humor and experience.

Although through my experiences so far I've always felt a pull towards expanding that conversation a bit. I believe our skin tells the story of our lives - so I wanted to dive a little deeper and welcome you further into mine - and hopefully get to know yours as well!

Skin, life, inspo, recipes, wellness, etc. - I plan to share what I love, what I learn, and what I'm passionate about with easy access to all.

By transitioning Kenzie Skin to a lifestyle page - I hope to create an accessible space where skin is integrated into our life's daily rituals and where we can get to know each-other more. At the end of the day, with so much information online - I'd like this to be a safe little place and creative outlet not focused on perfection - but instead enjoyment.

I also vow to only share what I use, do, love and to always keep it100% real. Through this I hope to align a growth focused community all interested in glowing and growing to their fullest potential together, as I know I am! I believe it's not just about skin - it's about life and we all glow a little differently when it's all aligned.

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