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Tips for Rosacea

Rosacea is a common skincare concern and issue that unfortunately many struggle with and encounter. Personally, I am from New Hampshire where rosacea is extremely common. The percentage of people who have it is higher than the people who don't! This is likely due to the climate, common activities (ie: skiing etc. that have high rosacea agitants), and it is often genetic! So, if more people in a region have it ... well, you get the gist.

But, regardless of location etc. rosacea effects whoever has it in many similar ways. It can be uncomfortable, annoying, make you prone to sensitivities, among other things. With all of this in mind lets talk about some of the signs of rosacea - keeping in mind that self diagnosis via an online search is never a good idea. (please make an appointment with a professional near you - or book a virtual or in person session with me!)

Signs and Symptoms of Rosacea:

  • Facial flushing and redness

  • Visible blood vessels

  • Swollen skin

  • Sensitive Skin

  • Dryness, stinging and/or burning

...*to emphasize the importance of seeing a professional on confirming these signs and symptoms as rosacea it's important to note that these symptoms also can indicate contact dermatitis and possibly lupus. So- no self diagnosing Sallys allowed over here. :)

With this information in mind - do you feel like you may have rosacea? Or do you already know you have rosacea? In that case let's talk about some triggers that are important to note and avoid when managing it - and then products that will help manage and treat it amazingly well! Technology today is fantastic and there is no reason to move along in discomfort or agitation.

Rosacea Triggers:

  • Spicy foods

  • Hot drinks

  • Alcohol & red wine

  • Temperature extremes

  • High wind

  • Extended sun exposure

  • Stress

  • Certain skincare actives (exfoliants and scrubs in particular) - everyone in different and some can handle more than others so please consult a professional on which to avoid for you personally.

  • Medications that dilate blood vessels

Every time I post this list anywhere I grip myself for the responses of "so...everything?". Well, it may feel that way but I promise there are work arounds and fantastic skincare products to help manage it and strengthen and protect your barrier so that you can go out and live your life without worrying about the wind or a spice in your food (lol) or having a gin & tonic. You deserve it!

Here's my round up of my favorite skincare products for rosacea prone skin - and as skincare advances or shifts occur I will update this list.

Perfect Skincare Routine for Managing Rosacea:

(Links provided below)




WRAPping It UP...

Congratulations! You're on your way to happier skin and a life with hopefully less stress worrying about all the triggers of rosacea along the way.

Now that you have your homecare figured out - I encourage you to book a virtual consultation or an in office visit to discuss treatments best suited for you and your skin :) with me (how lovely) ...or a professional near you! YOU treat your skin twice a day every day - & we see you once a month. Your in office treatments will keep you on track and speed you along, so while I still consider the products your using at home as your first place of defense and the most important element in your skincare journey - in office treatments truly are the cherry on top giving your skin that *chef's kiss* glow and the "did you do something?" factor (haha) - and in some cases the necessary elements to fully heal, correct and adress your concerns and goals.

The places to start for this would be to book a virtual consultation HERE OR a Glow Up Facial HERE. Both would allow us to take personalized time with your skin to learn it's preferences, triggers, and sweet spots. For those looking to talk and discuss - book the virtual. For those looking to get a hands on treatment - the Glow Up - is for you!

Comment any questions and STAY DEWY loves and friends!


Kenzie Skin

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