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Hi! I'm Mackenzie - your online esthetician!

While managing my skincare blog (@kenzieskin) I also work as a full-time esthetician! I love working with my clients & helping them achieve their highest level of confidence and comfort in the skin they are in. 

Prior to becoming an esthetician I worked in communications! I got to work with some really cool people in some really cool places which I'm so grateful for. I've transitioned this experience into my career now by also offering personal branding services and social media coaching in my newest creation - The Social Saloon.

My treatment room doors are also now open to our online community no matter where you reside as I am now offering virtual skincare consultations as well. 

If we haven't met yet - I'm all about connecting! Follow me over on Instagram at @kenzieskin and shoot me a DM! 


Clients featured in


started from the bottom now ...

the story

Was the "can you do my make-up before the dance?" go to friend.

Was also the "can you help with my skin?" go to friend.

Studied social media like a crazy person. I was an indie-artist after all. You better work!

found passion in music
serenaded neighbors and people in neighboring cars as a young child. everyone must hear.
Basically rinse and repeat 'til college... 
accepted to Belmont University in Nashville! Yay!
deep dove into country music and became a cowgirl. i was not a good one. #yankee
...but! learned the intricate art of storytelling through songwriting

10/10 would recommend &  would crossover into all my work thereafter

Styling and personal branding were my favorite tasks 

interned at places like Universal music, sony music, big yellow dog publishing etc. in their marketing depts. and felt really cool

Was consistently told my ideas were "too girly". Can one be too pink? And is cheetah NOT a neutral? Asking for a friend...

Consistently asked about skincare, brows, styling, etc. etc. while trying to like - be at work here people! ..but ok close the door have you ever tried... (haha)

did some cool things! went to the grammy's, got my first song placements, cried, laughed, cried some more
Graduated! Sweet!
worked in PR/social marketing in the music industry & start ups
Landed dream job at a film festival!

L-o-v-e-d it so much it basically became my personal branding.

eventually realized i wanted to be in the driver's seat and eventually own my own business
analyzed what it would be.
...just what did the people want? haha What was I, just - like - in my most natural habitat
Annddd it hit me
bit the bullet. made the biggest move/change of  my life. 
Became Your esthetician !

...we here!

And now we're in each other's stories! how fun!

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