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Your social media - but better

Let's be honest - navigating the social media landscape can feel like the wild west! If you've ever felt like this - The Social Saloon is here and ready to be your Annie Oakley!


I'm doing something new! Each semester (4 month course) I'll be taking on 10 "saloon members" to amp up their social media. 

Why go at it alone when we have the internet??? In the course we will nail down your page aesthetic, identify your top performing posts, create workable calendars for your accounts post course, grow your following and strengthen your knowledge of your audience's wants and needs.

Additional Benefits:

Bi-weekly one on one call

Bi-weekly group call

Semester end meet-up (*locations tbd)

Add me to the waitlist

Admission & Pricing

First come first serve basis. Number of spaces available is limited to assure quality and experience of each member during semester.

Pricing is $500 per semester (4 month period) or $125/month for easier planning.

*Merit based scholarship is available to one participant each semester. Email for more information or to apply.

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