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Real skin has pores...

If the skincare/beauty industry or just society in general has ever made you feel like your skin shouldn't have any texture, pores, blemishes at any time etc., well that's just nor realistic or flat out...REAL! Real skin/all skin has all of the above.

Even though it may not feel this way at times, a little thing called photoshop and facetune has brainwashed us into thinking that pores don't or shouldn't exist and that skin texture is something not preferred - when in fact we wouldn't be alive if we didn't have pores and no celebrity on earth has no skin texture.

You owe it to yourself to find a provider who is honest, realistic and doesn't glamorize unrealistic beauty standards.

When you visit with us you will never leave not feeling celebrated for the skin you're in or pressured to feel like you need to achieve a certain trending beauty standard.

Book with us here and see for yourself! Xx

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